PILOUS – the manufacturer of professional band saws for metal and wood. The production of PILOUS is the only one in the world that offers both complete range of metal-cutting band saws and the widest assortment of log band saws. PILOUS is among the major world manufacturers of both metal band saws and wood band saws as regards the scope of assortment and quantity of manufactured machines as well. Since the beginning, the key to success and rapid development of PILOUS has been based on the maximum emphasis on the state-of-the-art construction and quality of the machines. The use of new technologies and methods, very robust construction of machines and design and quality assurance ensure long-term service life and cutting accuracy. The current construction of metal band saws and log band saws presents the highest standard in the world and in many ways defines the trends of further development in related areas. The production includes over 40 types of metal band saws and 20 types of wood band saws. Wide range of roller conveyors and other special accessories are certainly included in our offer. You can find deburring machines and manual benders in our offer as well. The wide range of original professional metal saw bands PILOUS maxtech and wood saw bands PILOUS maxwood will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Apart from the domestic sales, about 90% of PILOUS products are exported into more than 60 countries in all continents. We hope that you will choose from the wide range of our products and join the tens of thousands of our satisfied customers. We wish you a GOOD CUT!